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Got a quick question and need confirmation, we can help!

Your Pocket Psychic™ is convenient and easy to use. 1. Got a question. 2. Type it by text or email to us; press send 3. We receive it and answer you within the designated time! Simple!

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Got a question? We've got your answer!

What is Your Pocket LOVE Psychic™?

If you are in the dating world, here's a fun little service just for you. Send us a photo of someone you are considering dating or just starting to date. We'll give you a simple "yay," "nay," or "indifferent," letting you know if it is Halloween or a possible soulmate! Click the picture to find out more.

Pocket Crystals and Stones

Curious about what crystals or stones you may want to put in your pocket, your purse or wear as jewelry? We have listed some important and easy to find stones, which can create a difference in your energy and what you attract into your life.

What is Your Psychic-Scope™?

If you have ever read your weekly or monthly horoscope and wished it "felt more authentic," check out our new service. Receive weekly or monthly psychic forecasts, especially for you. It's a clear and simple outlook on what's taking place for you. It's fun and enlightening!

Do you want to learn how to read Tarot?

We offer ongoing 8 week classes in reading the Rider Waite or Crowley Thoth deck. You can sign up for the next class starting March 4, 2013.

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I decided to separate my business this past week. I have another website I wanted to keep it as strictly coaching, speaking and writing….and dedicate this site to all […]


So…..several years ago when I met my first metaphysical teacher, she told me I needed to learn the tarot, so I did from her…..
She also taught me enough astrology to […]

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